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in the belly of the beast

observations from the gut sack

Juli Crockett
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Remember the scary part in pinocchio when they go to Toyland and turn into donkeys? I'm kinda like that.

I'm the lead singer and songwriter for the alt-country freak folk love punk rock revolution known as the Evangenitals - http://www.evangenitals.com

I'm a Vegan. I've got a Master's in Directing and I'm working on my PhD in Philosophy. I'm an ordained minister of the ULC. I've got an African Tortoise that I like to take on walks.

I like to play. I like to read. I have a bicycle. I like to laugh. I occasionally tell jokes. I'm a retired, undefeated, professional boxer.

I try to make sense of it all, have minor successes and frequent failures. I die to the world in order to be reborn, also known as going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning. I'm a work in progress, always going somewhere, always there. A Both/and Simultaneous Fun Factory.

In addition to being a dues-paying member of the Evangenitals I provide half of the girlbits of the lovesick duet project Evangina - www.evangina.com, sing in the geek-pop-science-rock band Artichoke - www.artichoketheband.com, and also perform the June Carter Cash parts for Cash'd Out, the world's premier Johnny Cash cover band - www.cashdout.com.

In addition to the music stuff, I'm a theater director, playwright, actor, and I study Improv at iO WEST in Hollywood. My improv team - Hammerspace - www.myspace.com/hammerspace - regularly performs there in the Andy Dick Experimental Black Box theater.

I'm a passionate animal rights activist, vegan, good time gal, and stone cold sober stoner.

I have no interest in anything that does not bring more joy, happiness, and well being to the world and the life experiences of those in it. I believe in the spiritual revolution and I'm already marching.

I believe in you.

I am IN love WITH you.

Feel it. Live it. Buy the album.